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Want to watch 5 new lectures every month, attend grand rounds live with Q&A, access prior grand rounds talks, and be part of an online forum where you can ask questions and talk about cool cases? This can all be yours for less than a cup of that fancy Starbucks coffee you're sipping right now. Join the Red Label membership today....we'll even provide you CME for being a part of it. 

ResusX:Select - Volume 1

ResusX is a conference dedicated to helping you manage your sickest patients. Our faculty are the thought leaders in resuscitation and all-star educators. Enjoy these 25 videos and see why so many clinicians trust and learn from us.

What you'll get:

  • 25 videos from previous conferences
  • All videos in HD quality
  • Download our mobile player to watch on the go (Android / iOS)
  • 7-day return policy if you are not completely satisfied

Here's what you'll get:

  • Weingart: Arterial Lines in a Code
  • Swami & Salim: The Great CPR Debate
  • Kim: Vasopressors in Trauma (Yes or NEVER?!)
  • Crager: Vent Alarms, Useful Not Annoying
  • Hedayati: Valvular Disasters
  • Hicks: Protect Yo' Neck (Part 2)
  • Winters: The Crashing Obese Patient
  • Haney & Swami: A Curious Case of Dyspnea
  • Mattu: Interesting ECG Cases (Part 1)
  • Kumar: Y'all Gotta Know TEE
  • Repanshek: Massive GI Bleed
  • Patino: Pulse Pressure Variation and Shock Index
  • Rezaie: EBM That You Need to Know!
  • Weingart: The Crashing Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose
  • Jain: The Difficult Intubation
  • Hicks: Human Factors
  • Mattu: The Magical Lewis Lead
  • Haywood: Basics of Ventilation
  • Haywood: The Advanced Ventilator Workshop
  • Hagahmed: The Blakemore for Upper GI Bleeds
  • Hussain: Cool ECHO Cases
  • Schreyer: Intra-lipids for Toxic Overdoses
  • Byrne: Airway Tips & Tricks
  • Mallemat: Life-Threatening Asthma
  • Damuth: Tracheostomy Emergencies

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What People Are Saying:

You'll recognize every name listed as faculty and they deliver! I used facts I learned from the conference on my shift a week later and picked up something a consultant missed. Thanks, ResusX!

Raquel N, MD (Sacramento, CA)

ResusX was the BEST conference I've ever attended. Not only were the faculty amazing, but the lectures are quick to the point with no fluff. If you manage sick patients, you have to watch this conference!

Rich B, MD (Bethesda, MD)