Here is What's Happening at the Webinar

Dr. Jane Kim will be sharing a story of a very difficult situation she was put in and a moderated discussion of her experience and the impact on her personally and her medical practice.
Audience members are invited to share reflections and personal experiences as we will normalize the conversation about the stresses of our everyday work.

Come to listen, then stay to share

We are a community of healthcare professionals that cares.

The everyday practice of medicine has become so complex and difficult that it is getting hard to sustain a long career in medicine. Many Health Systems engage in a form of victim-shaming by suggesting that we, as physicians, are solely responsible for the crisis and the present state is due to a lack of personal resilience.
The culture of medicine and physicians keeps us from expressing our: fears, feelings of inadequacy, and personal struggles for fear of being ostracized by our “tribes." Our group seeks to weaponize tribalism and use it to support each other in our daily practice and struggles.
This program seeks to build community between physicians and normalize the conversation about the challenges of practicing medicine in the 21st century. We will bravely share our fears, our struggles, our self-doubt, and our successes.

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