Master of Echoes

Advanced Echo for the Resuscitationist

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Do you feel like you've hit a wall? Maybe you feel confident about assessing left ventricular function but you wish you could assess wall motion abnormality. Perhaps you can see a pericardial effusion, but you're unsure if it meets the criteria for tamponade. Maybe you would like to learn how to use TEE during cardiac arrest. If this sounds like you, then Master of ECHO is the perfect course for you.

Master of Echo is a two0day course designed for individuals who has mastered basic echos. We will be talking about advanced topics such as assessing cardiac output and volume responsiveness, diastolic dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension, valve dysfunction, and much more. You'll experience short, didactic lectures, faculty-led case-based learning, and participate in small-group Q&A sessions.

The UltraRounds faculty is nationally recognized as experts in Emergency and Critical Care Echo and will make sure that you are ready to diagnose and resuscitate your next critically ill patient. This course will not only change your practice but will save more patients' lives. 

Space is extremely limited for this workshop so we keep the faculty to attendee ratio low. We're capping registration for this one, so if you want to be a Master of Echos, sign up now. 

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